Cav Grip III Adhesive 13.6kg (92m²)


Cav Grip III 92m2 coverage

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Cav Grip III 92m2 coverage

Productivity Boosting Features and Benefits:
Quick application with spray gun
  • Fast flash-off and great open time
  • No stirring
  • Up to 60% labor savings compared to traditional bonding adhesive

Compatible with 5′ and 10′ (1.5m and 3m) wide spray carts
Carlisle’s CAV-GRIP III is a low-VOC (<250 g/L), California-compliant,
spray applied aerosol contact adhesive and primer used for a variety of
applications: adhering standard TPO and EPDM membranes to horizontal
and vertical surfaces, adhering FleeceBACK membranes to vertical
surfaces, as a primer for VapAir Seal 725TR, and as an unexposed asphalt
primer for Flexible FAST. CAV-GRIP III is available in disposable/recyclable
#40 size cylinders and in returnable/refillable #85 size cylinders.
CAV-GRIP III is applied using a self-contained spray system for quick and
even coverage with an excellent open time and requires minimal clean-
up or maintenance. A spray gun with an extension wand is available for
field of roof applications and a standard spray gun is available for wall
applications. CAV-GRIP III Spray guns and hoses are sold separately.

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