Butynol Waterproofing Membranes

Rubco rubber membranes are complete waterproofing system that are 3mtr or 6mtr wide and are suited to larger and more open, expansive applications with its lower labour cost for installation and less joins on the job.

Rubco Butyl Rubber membranes surpasse most roofing materials available today in terms of performance characteristics and long term weather ability.

Excellent weather, ultra- violet, ozone resistance and full flexibility between –  50 to 150 degrees Celsius are only some of the properties which make EPDM the ideal roofing material for the extremes of the New Zealand

The RUBBER ROOFING CO BUTYL is the flagship product of THE RUBBER ROOFING CO and is available in 1 and 1.5 millimetre thickness, normally in black, with other colours subject to availability.

Butyl rubber, known as poly iso butylene is a mixture of 98 percent poly iso butylenes and 2 percent isoprene and was invented in 1937 by William J Sparks and Robert M Thomas working for the standard oil company, now Exon Mobil and the first batch was mixed in a washing machine purchased from Sears Roebuck .

Butyl rubber has now been manufactured in New Zealand for over 40 years

During the 1970s it was clear that the conventional flat roofs of tar and bitchimin could not cope under New Zealand’s harsh ultra violet climate and major lending institutions refused to lend to these buildings. It was during this time that butyl membranes came to the forefront ,establishing itself as the dominant product in the market place .

It is estimated that THE RUBBER ROOFING CO BUTYL has been used in over 35000 contracts and is sold throughout new Zealand

It can be found in Japan, Shanghai, South Korea, Los Angeles, Siberia , Pacific Islands

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