WPM715 Weldtec 1.5mm x 1.4mw x 20lm


1.5mm WeldTec Weldable Roofing Membrane

  • Welded laps and seams for fast and secure installation
  • Excellent flexibility at all temperatures
  • Made in New Zealand
  • BRANZ Appraised
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ARDEX WPM 715 is a  high quality, heat-welded waterproofing membrane designed for use in exposed areas and areas requiring foot trafficability. The membrane shows excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, and resistant to ageing from heat, ozone, and sunlight.

ARDEX WPM 715 displays excellent flexibility in low temperatures, and is suitable for all climatic zones. It also has excellent resistance to geothermal gas including hydrogen sulphide and methane.

The heat-welded installation ensures fast installation and added security as a strong, continuous membrane.

Typical Use:
As a trafficable, single layer membrane in horizontal or vertical applications for waterproofing decks and roofs.


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Weight 50 kg