WPM612 Ultraply TPO Grey 1.14mm x 3mw x 30lm (per roll)


TPO Roofing Membrane – 1.14mm

  • Heat reflective and energy efficient roof membrane
  • No plasticizers or chlorinated ingredients
  • Lightweight Membrane


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FIRESTONE Ultraply TPO roof membrane is a high-performance waterproofing membrane, that is environmentally friendly, fast to install and safe to use.  ARDEX is committed to providing waterproofing solutions of outstanding quality and optimal environmental friendliness.  The benefits of TPO membranes range from heat reflectivity and energy efficiency to green roofing systems.

FIRESTONE Ultraply TPO is a flexible Thermoplastic PolyOlen roofing membrane made from the incorporation of an ethylene propylene rubber, into a polypropylene matrix and, produced with a polyester weft inserted reinforcement.

ARDEX NZ are distributors of this FIRESTONE UltraPly product.  FIRESTONE UltraPly replaces ARDEX WPM 612.

Ultraply™ TPO 1.14mm

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