WPM117 Peel & Stick Torch On 2mm x 1mw x 15lm


Self-Adhesive Bituminous Base Sheet

  • Ideal where naked flames are not allowed
  • 2mm SBS waterproofing membrane
  • Fibreglass reinforced
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ARDEX WPM 117 is a self-adhesive, fibre-reinforced SBS bituminous membrane. ARDEX WPM 117 is cold-applied and installed without the use of naked flames, and self-seals on contact if being installed using nails or other fasteners, or if cut accidentally. It is generally used as a base layer over heat sensitive substrates as part of the ARDEX Bituminous Roofing System.

ARDEX WPM 117 resists elongation and mechanical stresses like no other system or waterproofing material can. ARDEX WPM 117 has assured versatility because of its softness, lightness and flexibility. In situations where traditional torch-on or fastened systems cannot be used, ARDEX WPM 117 provides the best results without compromising the quality of the work to be done.

Typical Uses:

Ideal as a base layer over heat-sensitive substrates for general waterproofing, foundations, tunnels or when the type of operation or materials requires that the use of a naked flame must be avoided.

Examples of these situations are in confined spaces or on materials such as insulation panels or timber etc.

ARDEX WPM 117 is ideal for waterproofing sound and vapour barriers, underlays and urgent repairs providing longer lasting results.



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