TPO Seam Probe


Carlisle TPO Seam Probe is a hand tool used to check the integrity of heat welded seams on
Carlisle Sure-Weld® and Sure-Flex® or other heat welded roofing systems. The Carlisle probe
has a heat-treated tip and the handle is tapped to fit standard threaded extension handles allowing
the tool to be used from the standing position.

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1. Place the point of the seam probe on the edge of the heat welded splice at the step off and
apply medium pressure while pulling it length wise along the splice (position the probe
point parallel to the surface of the sheet. Use caution to avoid scoring the membrane
surface with the point).
2. Mark any areas where the point of the probe penetrated the splice indicating a cold weld.
3. Make the necessary repairs to the cold weld per Carlisle specifications and repeat the
process to the heat welded repairs.

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