Cohe Deck Coating Grey 4L


Cohe Deck Coating is a water based tough ,hard wearing paint that is used over Waterproof Sealant on surfaces that
are used for light foot traffic.

As it uses high performance polymers, it is resistant to yellowing and age crazing. It is often used as a varnish
system or protective glaze-coat for trafficable areas such as decks, floors and resins susceptible to UV
degradation, to provide an easy clean, safety, decorative coating that will also waterproof.

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Liquid Rubber Deck Coating is a high performance coating that is designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing and cost effective, trafficable surface for low traffic walking surfaces such as decks, patios, steps, walkways, pool areas and factory floors as well as providing some waterproofing properties.

Used over the top of the Waterproof Sealant, Liquid Rubber Deck Coating comes in a standard light grey.

Ideal for decks, patios, steps, walkways, pool areas and factory floors.

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