BR460 Flow 20kg


High Performance, Flowable, Structural Micro Concrete
Excellent flow and leveling properties
Contains active corrosion inhibitor
Shrinkage compensated

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ARDEX BR 460 FLOW High Performance, Flowable Structural Micro Concrete is a pourable repair mortar designed for reinstating horizontal concrete surfaces damaged through concrete spalling and other chemical or mechanical causes.

ARDEX BR 460 FLOW exhibits superior flow characteristics and is capable of being applied in thicknesses of 20mm to 200mm in one pour. It is designed to be used in conjunction with ARDEX BRX 60 LO Low Output Anodes for ultimate corrosion control and cathodic prevention.

20-200mm thickness

0.5m2 at 20mm thickness
0.1m2 at 100mm thickness

Drying Times:
Pot Life: To be used in a continuous pour immediately after mixing
Initial Set: 5 – 8 hours
Final Set: 6 – 9 hours

ARDEX BR 460 Flow

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